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Camp Dates are July 12-19, 2014.

RMCC came to an end after two straight (mostly) sunny days.  A total of 161 campers and JCs and 32+ adults enjoyed a week of Christian fellowship in the heart of the Rockies!  Despite the rain and the other challenges, the Lord blessed us with another successful camp.

For planning purposes, RMCC 2014 will be held July 12-19.


Tuesday brought a second day of rain that we weathered (pardon the pun) rather well.






Sports and other team activities continued in earnest on Tuesday with both Volleyball and hockey.  We had a few cuts, scrapes and injuries but none that were serious.





On Wednesday the kids hiked either Mount Elbert (14miles) or the Lake Hike(9 miles).  An all you can eat steak supper followed.  The rain then erupted in a force not seen in many years.

Figuring the amount that came down we only suffered 3 wet sleeping bags (out of 160).  The weather pattern looks to be the same- lots of rain, but the kids stay dry and we can have fires!!!Thank you Lord!!!!



Monday began sunny which was good for the rafting competition that took place that morning.  Each team raced another team from the shore of the lake around a raft full of Vicars  about 75 yards out from shore.




The highlight of the rafting is the JC verses Vicar competition.  This year two rafts of highly motivated JC’s rafted out to the vicar raft and capsized it!!!




Sunday afternoon brought our first real rain–4 hours of it.  The camp survived with flying colors.  No wet tents, sleeping bags or clothes, thanks to some vigorous trenching done by a whole host of adults.  Since we needed to keep the kids occupied a “Talent show” was held in the 30 foot by 60 foot Squad Tent.




The kids, kept dry and warm enjoyed a supper of ham.  Fortunately the weather cleared up enough for 3 X 3 basketball to be held after supper.  Sunday evening was our opening worship service.  Pastor Joel Spaude led the worship and focused the kid’s attention on the burnt offering in the Old Testament which pictured Jesus’ compete sacrifice for our sins.  Jake Rothe and some of our College Counselors are seen in the picture assisting with the music and singing. Monday begins the weekday routine of chapel and Bible Study in the morning with sports and other activities in the afternoon.  Monday evening is also our swim nite where the kids enjoy a much needed shower.




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